Monday, June 14, 2010

My idea of the ultimate house!

This is SO cool! A house designed for cats! No, I know what you're thinking - it's not a little house for the kitties to live in. In Japan, one of the leading house building companies came up with this design - a dream home for every cat owner and their beloved moggies (via My Cat Goma). I totally love this idea, I have often imagined designing walkways and interesting cat spaces for my little Devon devils - I have a feeling our landlord might be a bit peeved though to find his house all "kittyfied".

Treehugger has a different view - they call it a "monster house"! I think though, that you could even incorporate this idea into an Earthship house and keep your kitties happy while living more green. (More info on Earthships coming soon).

Check out these cool pics!

Walkways so that the kitties can look down on their owners... as they tend to do!

Stairs up to the ceiling hangouts.

Kitty hidey-holes under the stairs.

Built-in spaces for litter boxes - really great idea.

How's this for a fancy bathroom vanity?